Sunday Services

We normally have two services every Sunday, at 10:30am and 6:30pm. Whilst the morning and evening services have quite a different feel to them they both have an emphasis on Bible teaching, worship and prayer.

Our 10:30 service is the larger of the two, has a broad range of ages, and aims to offer the best of old and new styles of worship: we have a mixture of traditional hymns, often played on an organ, and contemporary worship songs led by a music group. People familiar with traditional Church of England services will recognise the structure and some of the main elements of the service, but it has a contemporary, vibrant and relevant style. During this service children’s groups are run in the church hall, with the children joining the main service for the final ten minutes or so.

Our 6:30 service is smaller and has a more intimate and relaxed feel to it. The music is more contemporary and the worship is less formal. There is often an opportunity to discuss and pray with each other in small groups, and the sermon is often followed by a Question and Answer session. Whilst people of any age are welcome at this service the congregation tends to mainly be made up of people in their 20’s or 30’s.

St. Mary's Church Wollaton Park Nottingham