If you are a new student coming to Nottingham for the first time, or a student who’s been in Nottingham for a while but hasn’t yet settled in a church, welcome to St. Mary’s!

We want to be a family that helps you get the most out of your time as a student in Nottingham and be as well prepared for life beyond uni as possible. We believe that the best way we can do that is to help you grow in your knowledge of and love for Jesus.

We pray that our student members will:

  • Belong to the church family and play an active role in the life of St. Mary’s and be part of smaller group (a CU hall group if you’re a first year or one of  the church house groups). We also offer one-to-one support and discipleship from another church member,
  • Grow in faith in Christ, in applying God’s Word to everyday life and in reaching out to others with the gospel. We have occasional student only events to help you connect with other students in the church family,
  • Serve by taking a full and active part in different areas of church life,

If you’d like us to tell you about other upcoming events please join our student mailing list.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email

St. Mary's Church Wollaton Park Nottingham