About St Mary’s

Whether you are someone wanting to explore Christianity for the first time, someone who has been following Jesus for many years, or somewhere in between, you are very welcome at St Mary’s Church.

At our different Sunday services you will find a variety of styles of worship and  people from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities and of different ages.  More important than our style of worship, though, is what we believe and stand for.

We believe that God has spoken and has made himself known in the pages of the Bible.  For many reasons the Bible can be a difficult book to get to grips with, and so a central part of all our services is an opportunity for a passage from the Bible to be explained and applied to life today.  We are a church that considers teaching the Bible to be very important, because we believe that through this we can best understand who God is and what our lives are really for.

We also believe that the central message of the Bible is that God loves us and longs for us to know him.  Because of this we are a church that wants to help and support anyone who wants to explore what Christianity is all about, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Finally, we believe that God’s love towards us is shown most clearly in the death of Jesus his son.  The purpose of this death was, above all, to enable and offer salvation and forgiveness.  We are a church that tries to show this forgiveness and love to everyone, and to help people to understand how they can receive it.

We do hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to welcome you to St Mary’s, but if you have any questions, or would like to find out more about us or Christianity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested in the history of St. Mary’s you can read Les Berry’s “St. Mary’s Church Wollaton Park 1938-1988” or visit the St Mary’s page of the Church History Project.

St. Mary's Church Wollaton Park Nottingham