House Groups

There are things that you can do with a small group of people that you can’t in a Sunday service, and for that reason we’d encourage everyone to join one of our House Groups. They meet weekly and are great opportunities to get to know a few people really well, to study the Bible and pray with them, and generally to encourage each other in living out the Christian life. We currently have two that meet on a Tuesday evening and two on a Thursday evening. For people who prefer to meet during the day rather than the evening our Wednesday Fellowship combines elements of House Group Life with some other things too. To find out more or to join a house group please get in touch with Henry.

Wednesday Fellowship

There is a meeting every Wednesday afternoon at 2:00pm in the Church Hall to which anyone is welcome to come. Twice a month the format is a very informal service (1st Wednesday of each month it is Songs of Praise, where you choose your favourite hymns, and on the 3rd Wednesday it is Holy Communion). On the other Wednesdays the format is much more like a house group where we study the Bible, pray together, and consume large quantities of cake. On the 3rd Wednesday, before the communion service, some of us meet for a game of Scrabble at 11:00am, and at 12:00pm we take orders for a takeaway lunch from a local fish and chip shop, which we share together at about 1:00pm. If you’d like to join us please just turn up!


Click here to find out more about the Explorers toddler group that meets on Tuesday mornings.

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