PCC Members

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is a body of people, elected by church members, who share the leadership of the church.  Whilst they do not manage the day to day activies of the church it is their responsibility to be shaping the ‘bigger picture’ strategic direction of the church.  Please feel free to be in touch with any PCC member about hopes, fears or questions that you may have regarding the life of St. Mary’s.

Henry Curran – Vicar

Email Henry
0115 9786988 ext.1

Rebecca Haines – Churchwarden

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Chris Drew – Churchwarden

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Stacey Mutch – Treasurer

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Kate Curran – PCC Secretary

Email Kate
0115 9786988 ext.3

Rosie Adsley

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Joyce Cooper

Email Joyce

Fiona Houghton

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Kathryn Hubbard – Deanery Synod Rep

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0115 9786988 ext.4

Debs Hunt

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0115 9786988 ext.2

Ian Knight – Deanery Synod Rep

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Jonathan Larsson

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